UN Human Rights Council Sessions

  • UN Human Rights Council session 42 convenes in Geneva from 9-27 September 2019. It will open with the High Commissioner for Human Rights providing updates on several country situations. The Council will receive reports from several special procedure mandate holders including (1) the International Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar and the Special Rapporteurs on the promotion of truth, justice, reparation, etc., (2) contemporary forms of slavery, (3) indigenous people, as well as the Working Groups on enforced disappearances arbitrary detention. Oral updates will be provided on the human rights situations in Venezuela and Myanmar and the Commission of Inquiry in Gaza, and there will be interactive dialogues with the Fact Finding Mission on Myanmar, the Commissions of Inquiry on Syria and Burundi, and on the topic of reprisals against human rights defenders. The Council will also address the human rights situations in Nicaragua, Yemen, South Sudan, and Syria. Member states will also participate in discussions on the rights of indigenous peoples and the integration of a gender perspective.
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